Tengyu Ma

             Computer Science Department, Princeton University
             Address: 35 Olden Street, Princeton, NJ, 08540, 
             E-mail: firstname at cs dot princeton dot edu
             Office: 416, CS building
Hi! I am currently a fourth year graduate student at Princeton University. I am fortunate to be advised by Professor Sanjeev Arora. My research interets include algorithm design, theoretical machine learning, optimization, etc. Before coming to U.S, I studied at Andrew Chi-Chih Yao's CS pilot class at Tsinghua University. 
    2015            Wu Prizes for Excellence
    2015-           IBM PhD Fellowship
    2014-2016   Simons Award for Graduate Students in Theoretical Computer Science
    2010.12      8th Place in Putnam Mathematical Competition (Putnam10)
    2007.07       Silver Medal in 47th International Mathematical Olympiad (IMO07)
Publications (all papers' authors are in alphabetical order)
    Matrix Completion has No Spurious Local Minimum
    with Rong Ge and Jason D. Lee
    manuscript, 2016  
    Linear Algebraic Structure of Word Senses, with Applications to Polysemy
    with Sanjeev Arora, Yuanzhi Li, Yingyu Liang, and Andrej Risteski
    manuscript, 2016  
    Gradient Descent Learns Linear Dynamical Systems
    with Moritz Hardt and Benjamin Recht
    manuscript, 2016  
    Polynomial-time Tensor Decompositions with Sum-of-squares
    with Jonathan Shi and David Steurer
    manuscript, 2016  
    Provable Algorithms for Inference in Topic Models
    with Sanjeev Arora, Rong Ge, Frederic Koehler, and Ankur Moitra
    ICML 2016  
    with Sanjeev Arora, Yuanzhi Li, Yingyu Liang and Andrej Risteski
    to appear at Transactions of the Association for Computational Linguistics(TACL)  
    with Sanjeev Arora and Yingyu Liang
    manuscript, 2015  
    with Mark Braverman, Ankit Garg, Huy L. Nguyen and David P. Woodruff
    to appear at STOC 2016  
    with Avi Wigderson
    NIPS 2015  
    with Rong Ge
    RANDOM/APPROX 2015  
    with Dan Garber, and Elad Hazan
    ICML 2015  
    with Sanjeev Arora, Rong Ge and Ankur Moitra
    COLT 2015  
    with Ankit Garg and Huy Nguyễn
    NIPS 2014, oral presentation  
    with Sanjeev Arora, Aditya Bhaskara and Rong Ge
    ICML 2014 
    with Bo Tang and Yajun Wang
    Theory of Computing Systems, To appear 
    Proceedings of 30th Symposium on Theoretical Aspects of Computer Science(STACS 2013) 
    with Xiaoming Sun and Huacheng Yu
    Proceedings of 17th International Computing and Combinatorics Conference(COCOON 2011)
    with Xiaoming Sun and Huacheng Yu
    Designs, Codes, and Cryptography
    The Linear Algebraic Structure of Word Meanings
    MSR Talk Series, Nov 2015, Redmond, USA
    Analyzing Non-convex Optimization for Dictionary Learning
    ICML, July 2015, Lille, France
    MSR Redmond, Nev 2014, Redmond, USA
    Dagstuhl Seminar, Sep 2014, Dagstuhl, Germany
    On Communication Cost of Distributed Statistical Estimation and Dimensionality
    NIPS, Dec 2014, Montreal, Canada
    Provable Bounds for Learning Some Deep Representations
    ICML, Jun 2014, Beijing, China
    Columbia theory lunch, Feb 2014, NYC, USA
    CMU theory lunch, Feb 2014, Pittsburgh, USA
    The simulate greedy algorithm for several submodular matroid secretary problems
    30th Symposium on Theoretical Aspects of Computer Science(STACS), Kiel, Germany, Feb 2013 [slides]
    A new variation of hat guessing games
    17th International Computing and Combinatorics Conference(COCOON), Dallas, Texas, Aug 2011 [slides]