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About Me

Hello! I'm Logan Stafman, currently a PhD Candidate at Princeton University in the Computer Science department, working with Dr. Michael Freedman. My work currently lies in big data processing as it pertains to approximate computing.

I earned my BS in Computer Science from Washington University in St. Louis in 2012 where I worked with Dr. Jonathan Turner on the Forest Overlay Network. My CV can be downloaded here.


SLAQ: Quality-Driven Scheduling for Machine Learning Applications
Logan Stafman*, Haoyu Zhang*, Andrew Or, Michael J Freedman

Training machine learning models with large datasets can incur significant resource contention on shared clusters. Yet in exploratory settings, better models can be obtained faster by directing resources to jobs with the most potential for improvement. SLAQ is a cluster scheduling system for approximate ML training jobs that aims to maximize the overall job quality. Experiments show that SLAQ achieves a quality improvement of up to 73% and a delay reduction of up to 44%.
Symposium on Cloud Computing '17, Santa Clara [Best Paper] [PDF] [Slides]
Extended Abstract at SysML '18, Stanford, CA


  • Artificial Intelligence (Fall 2012)
  • Distributed Systems: Data Centers to the Developing World (Fall 2012)
  • Advanced Computer Networks (Fall 2012)
  • Information Retrieval (Spring 2013)
  • Great Moments in Computing (Spring 2013)
  • Advanced Algorithm Design (Fall 2013)
  • Operating Systems (Fall 2014)


I am extremely enthusiastic about teaching. In the past I have been a TA for the following courses:

  • COS 217 - Introduction to Systems (Fall 2013) [Reviews]
  • COS 435 - Information Retrieval (Spring 2014)
  • COS 518 - Advanced Computer Systems (Fall 2015)
  • COS 217 - Introduction to Systems (Fall 2018)


  • Gordon Y.S. Wu Fellow - Princeton University (2012-Present)
  • Undergraduate Achievement Award - Washington University CS


In addition to my work, I enjoy juggling, and am an active member of the Princeton Juggling Club. My favorite moment as a juggler is shown below, in which I help fix a rural Vietnamese child's yoyo and show him some tricks.

I also enjoy solving the Rubik's cube at a rather amateur level (PB: 24.55).

Contact Me

I can be contacted at the email below.