Logan Stafman

About Me

Hello! I'm Logan Stafman, currently a PhD Candidate at Princeton University in the Computer Science department, working with Dr. Michael Freedman. My work currently lies in big data processing as it pertains to approximate computing.

I earned my BS in Computer Science from Washington University in St. Louis in 2012 where I worked with Dr. Jonathan Turner on the Forest Overlay Network. My CV can be downloaded here.


  • Artificial Intelligence (Fall 2012)
  • Distributed Systems: Data Centers to the Developing World (Fall 2012)
  • Advanced Computer Networks (Fall 2012)
  • Information Retrieval (Spring 2013)
  • Great Moments in Computing (Spring 2013)
  • Advanced Algorithm Design (Fall 2013)
  • Operating Systems (Fall 2014)


I am extremely enthusiastic about teaching. In the past I have been a preceptor for the following courses:

  • COS 217 - Introduction to Systems (Fall 2013)
  • COS 435 - Information Retrieval (Spring 2014)


  • Gordon Y.S. Wu Fellow - Princeton University (2012-Present)
  • Undergraduate Achievement Award - Washington University CS


In addition to my work, I enjoy juggling, and am an active member of the Princeton Juggling Club. My favorite moment as a juggler is shown below, in which I help fix a rural Vietnamese child's yoyo and show him some tricks.

I also enjoy solving the Rubik's cube at a rather amateur level (PB: 24.55).

Contact Me

I can be contacted at the email below.