Sixue Liu (刘思学)

About me

Hi! I'm a PhD student in Department of Computer Science at Princeton University. Previously, I obtained my M.S. degree from Institute for Interdisciplinary Information Sciences, Tsinghua University. I did my Bachelor in Beihang University.

I'm interested in Theoretical Computer Science, especially those related to Satisfiability theory.


  • I received Gordon Y.S. Wu Fellowship in 2017.

  • I started an internship in Microsoft Research, Redmond in Nov 2016.

  • In SAT Competition 2016, my solver PolyPower placed 4th in random track.


  • Sixue Liu. Lower Bounds for Small Ramsey Numbers on Hypergraph. Manuscript.

  • Sixue Liu. Chain, Generalization of Covering Code, and Deterministic Algorithm for k-SAT. Manuscript.

  • Sixue Liu. Exponential-Time Approximation Algorithms for MAX-SAT: Correlations and Implications. Manuscript.

  • Sixue Liu, Gerard de Melo. Should Algorithms for Random SAT and MaxSAT be Different? AAAI 2017. Paper. Slides.

  • Sixue Liu, Periklis A. Papakonstantinou. Local Search for Hard SAT Formulas: the Strength of the Polynomial Law. AAAI 2016. Paper.

  • Sixue Liu. An Efficient Implementation for WalkSAT. arXiv. Code.


Computer Science Department
35 Olden Street
Princeton NJ 08540

Office: #245 194 Nassau Street

E-mail:, (replace X with SIXUEL)