Amit Sahai
Associate Professor at UCLA
Ph.D., M.I.T., 2000

I have moved to the University of California, Los Angeles. My new homepage is here.

Primary research interest: Foundations of Cryptography

I'm also interested in many other aspects of theoretical computer science. See Research below.

Research and On-Line Papers.
Ph.D. Students:
Manoj Prabhakaran
Edith Elkind
Shien Ong
Yuval Ishai (Spring/Summer 2002)
Spring 2004: COS 433 -- Cryptography
Fall 2003: COS 597E -- Derandomization
Spring 2003: COS 598C -- Complexity and Applications of Lattice Problems
Fall 2002: COS 487 -- Theory of Computation
Spring 2002: COS 522 -- Computational Complexity
Fall 2001: COS 496 -- Cryptography
Spring 2001: COS 111 -- Computers and Computing
Office hours: By appointment.
Program Committees:
I am (or have been) on the program committees for the following conferences. Be sure to submit your best papers to these conferences, and attend them too!
Eurocrypt 2001, Innsbruck, Austria
Complexity 2002, Montreal, Canada
Program Chair: RANDOM 2003, Princeton, August 24-26, 2003.
Served on Ph.D. thesis committees of Benjamin Gum, Yaoyun Shi, and Amit Chakrabarti.
Room 406
Department of Computer Science
35 Olden St.
Princeton, NJ 08540
United States of America

Phone: (609) 258-0255

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