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On this page, we cover many deep issues of India, including wildlife management, transportation, law enforcement, advertising, NP-complete algorithms, architecture, functioning of the government, media, religion, and culture.

Pardon me

Parking spaces

For mid-sized cars, compact cars, economy cars, mid-sized cows, compact cows, and economy cows.


"Nice assets!"

Rush hour in the slow lanes

Cows need to go to work in the morning too... Damn rat races... I mean, cow races.

Choose your weapon
(the many transportation options)

Wheels or legs? How many? Three or Four? Mechanized or not?

Street crossing for all

"We don't believe in the 'separate-but-equal' doctrine."

Street gangs


A cow with your name on it

The cow asses sometimes bear initials of the owners. After seeing the first picture, which was undoctored, Sobti and I got cow-envy and decided that we wanted to initial a cow ass of our own. So we picked a nice peaceful one, shown in the middle, and carefully and quietly scrawled my initials on its ass, shown in the right picture.

Well, in Photoshop. (This is the only picture doctored in Photoshop---none of the other pictures in any of these collections is altered.)

Monkey business

In the Delhi streets.

Biker chic

"Take a right here... no wait... take a left."

(The fuzz ball in the "passenger seat" of the bike is a monkey.)

Dining in style

The guest is a goat; and the locale is an exit sign outside a temple.


Joyriding cops, charging the wrong way against traffic.

(Being a former British colony, India shares the British traffic rules of driving on the left-hand side, in case you are wondering...)

Going nowhere

"Lanes? What lanes? We don't believe in those."

End of the trail for this guy

"Lanes? What lanes? We don't believe in those."

(The mountain road that winds its way from Manali to Leh is very treacherous.)

Truth in advertising

One of the specialties advertised in the sign on the wall is "MUTATION."

Also, "Lanes? What lanes? We don't believe in those."

Bin packing

Check out the name of the company painted above the wind shield: it gives a whole new meaning to NP-Complete.

People packing

Delicate architecture

Check out the piles of loose bricks at the bottom, propping up the whole enterprise.

More delicate architecture

Piles of loose bricks (in the previous picture) are for wimps! Real men use piles of loose sand!

Delicate Architectures

A couple stories of this stuff (in the previous pictures) are for wimps! Real men make this stuff much taller!

Truth in advertising

Check out the sign written above the first-floor door.

You have been warned!


The Hindi signs say "if you want to change the country, change the channel."

File system

To visit many remote (and spectacular) destinations near the Pakistani and Chinese border in Ladakh, you need to obtain permits from a government office, which files away these important documents in a sophisticated system.

Security dude outside local bank

"You gotta ask yourself one question - 'Do I feel lucky...' Well, do ya punk..."

Columbine Monks

"You gotta ask yourself one question - 'Do I feel lucky...' Well, do ya punk..."

Slimed and dazed

One of the many rituals prior to a wedding.

Going up in smoke

At the end of a very long wedding ceremony, at about 4am.

Dead man walking

Now, catching an occasional snapshot or two with a dude having his eyes closed is not hard, and using it to covey a lack of excitement would simply be unfair. And if you have seen the semi-artsy wedding pictures that I took for this guy, you'd know that I was working very hard to make him look good.

So, the above pictures were not unfairly picked shots over a long period of time with an evil intent. Quite the contrary, these were consecutive shots taken about one second apart, and the thinking was, you know, if I kept shooting, he had to open his eyes at some point and I would have my good shot. Well, apparently, I thought wrong.

Incredible !ndia

(Check out newer funnier pictures of India.)

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newer funnier pictures of India

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