Andrej Risteski 

I'm a PhD student in the Computer Science Department at Princeton University, working under the advisement of Sanjeev Arora. Previously I received my B.S.E. degree at Princeton University as well.

I work in the intersection of machine learning and theoretical computer science, with the primary goal of designing provable and practical algorithms for problems arising in machine learning.

News: Starting September 2017, I will hold a joint position in the Institute for Data, Systems, and Society (IDSS) and the Applied Mathematics department at MIT, as a Norbert Wiener Fellow and applied mathematics instructor respectively.


(In alphabetical order, following the tradition in theoretical computer science, except those denoted by *)

Word embeddings and representation learning

Analyzing heuristics for non-convex optimization

Provable algorithms for learning and inference in graphical models

Online learning and related topics

Other topics