The easiest way to install the Propane compiler and toolchain is to download the pre-packaged Virtualbox image (see below). The Virtualbox VM comes already installed with the Propane compiler and integration with the CORE network emulator.

Download the Virtualbox image for Propane here.

Next, load the VM into Virtualbox by going to File > Import Appliance and selecting the Propane VM image (.ova file).

The username and password for the VM are both core

From Source (Advanced)

Propane can also be installed from source. Note this has not been tested thoroughly on linux. Requirements:


First, download the Propane source code from the git repository:

git clone


There should now be a propane directory. In this directory, there will be a solution file: propane.sln. First grab any missing project dependencies with the following command:

nuget restore propane.sln

Next, build the executable by running the xbuild command (Linux/Mac), or the msbuild command (Windows). For example, on Linux/Mac you would run:

xbuild propane.sln

The Propane compiler binary will now be located at <main dir>/src/bin/Release/propane.exe.

Add an alias

Next, add an alias for the compiler. For example, on Mac you would add the following line to ~/.bashrc:

alias propane="mono <main dir>/src/bin/Release/propane.exe"

You can test to see if Propane is working now by running the following command:

propane --help