Muhammad Shahbaz

I am a fifth year Ph.D. student in the Department of Computer Science at Princeton University. I am a member of Network Operations and Internet Security Laboratory at Princeton University where I work under the supervision of Professor Nick Feamster and Professor Jennifer Rexford. I also have the privilege to work under the mentorship of Professor Nick McKeown and Dr. Ben Pfaff. I received my Bachelor's degree from the Department of Computer Engineering at National University of Sciences and Technology, Pakistan.

Bio and Resume


mshahbaz _at_ cs _dot_ princeton _dot_ edu
312 Sherrerd Hall, Princeton, NJ 08544


I'm broadly interested in computer systems and networks. At Princeton University, my research focuses on the applications of software-defined networking (SDN) and programmable data planes in wide-area and data-center networks.


  • Elmo: Source-Routed Multicast for Cloud Services.
    [ Website ]
  • PISCES: A Programmable, Protocol-Independent Software Switch.
    [ Website ]
  • NetASM: A Network Assembly Language for Programmable Data Planes.
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  • Elmo: Source-Routed Multicast for Cloud Services. Muhammad Shahbaz, Lalith Suresh, Nick Feamster, Jennifer Rexford, Ori Rottenstreich, and Mukesh Hira. arXiv, February 2018.
    [ Paper ]
  • PISCES: A Programmable, Protocol-Independent Software Switch. Muhammad Shahbaz, Sean Choi, Ben Pfaff, Changhoon Kim, Nick Feamster, Nick McKeown, and Jennifer Rexford. ACM SIGCOMM, Florianópolis, Brazil, August 2016.
    [ Paper ] [ Podcast: OVS Orbit (Episode #9) ]
    [ Slides: A high-level overview by Prof. Nick McKeown (pages: 16-21) ]
  • The Case for an Intermediate Representation for Programmable Data Planes. Muhammad Shahbaz and Nick Feamster. ACM SIGCOMM Symposium on SDN Research (SOSR), Santa Clara, CA, USA, June 2015.
    [ Paper ] [ Slides ]
  • SDX: A Software Defined Internet Exchange. Arpit Gupta, Laurent Vanbever, Muhammad Shahbaz, Sean Donovan, Brandon Schlinker, Nick Feamster, Jennifer Rexford, Scott Schenker, Russ Clark, and Ethan Katz-Bassett. ACM SIGCOMM, Chicago, IL, USA, August 2014.
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  • Princeton University: Computer Networks (COS 461), Assistant in Instruction. (Spring, 2015)
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  • Princeton University: Fundamentals of Machine Learning (COS 424). (Spring, 2016)
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