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viewvox is a program that reads a 3D voxel file as produced by binvox or thinvox and shows it in a window. You can then use the mouse to move the camera around the model.


version 0.42, added 10 November 2012

(the binaries have been compressed using the UPX executable compressor)(they are self-decompressing)


viewvox   [-ki] <model filename>

-ki: keep internal voxels (removed by default) Mouse left button = rotate middle = pan right = zoom Key r = reset view arrow keys = move 1 voxel step along x (left, right) or y (up, down) =,- = move 1 voxel step along z q = quit a = toggle alternating colours p = toggle between orthographic and perspective projection x, y, z = set camera looking down X, Y, or Z axis X, Y, Z = set camera looking up X, Y, or Z axis 1 = toggle show x, y, and z coordinates s = show single slice n = show both/above/below slice neighbour(s) t = toggle neighbour transparency j = move slice down k = move slice up g = toggle show grid at slice level A lot of the key commands were added to make viewvox more useful when building voxel models in minecraft.


Please send me e-mail (to patrick.n.min at gmail dot com) with your questions, comments, suggestions, bug reports, etc.

Patrick Min
Last modified: Sat Jun 29 13:50:51 BST 2013


0.42: orthographic mode properly restored, reasonable behaviour when using arrow and zoom in/out (-/=) keys in orthographic mode, window size now also saved and restored