I am currently a graduate student at Princeton University, where I am a member of the Graphics Group, working with prof. Thomas Funkhouser. These days you can usually find me in Department of Computer Science, office 414, where I am drinking excessive amounts of coffee.

My interests generally are anything related to creation of visual content. In terms of research I am interested in developing new tools that will make process of 3D content creation easier. I also like to do some digital painting from time to time, feel free to check out my portfolio!

Prior to coming to Princeton, I was studying in at University College London, where I received Master of Engineering degree, working with prof. Simon Julier and prof. Niloy Mitra.

My CV can be found here.

Publications & Theses

  • S. Berkiten, M. Halber, J. Solomon, C. Ma, H. Li, S. Rusinkiewicz;
    Learning Detail Transfer based on Geometric Features
    Eurographics 2017 (Conditionally Accepted)
  • M. Halber, T. Funkhouser;
    Fine-To-Coarse Global Registration of RGB-D Scans
    arXiv:1607.08539, November 2016
  • E. Sizikova, V. K. Singh, B. Georgescu, M. Halber, K. Ma, T. Chen;
    Enhancing Place Recognition using Joint Intensity - Depth Analysis and Synthetic Data
    ECCV Workshop on Virtual/Augmented Reality for Visual Artificial Intelligence (VARVAI) 2016
    [pdf] [poster] [webpage]
  • O. Fried, S. DiVerdi, M. Halber, E. Sizikova and A. Finkelstein;
    IsoMatch: Creating Informative Grid Layouts
    Eurographics 2015
    [pdf] [pdf-small] [video]
  • M. Halber;
    Articulated Object Detection
    Master Thesis
  • M. Halber;
    Blender Poradnik Praktyczny
    ISBN 83-246-1190-8