Software Engineering InternMay 2017 — Aug 2017

Developed C++ client for optimized reading of the internal-to-Facebook fork of the Apache Hadoop ORC file format. Benchmarks showed as much as 50% improvement in CPU time on local file reading speed against existing Java implementation.

Princeton University

Computer Science Lab TASep 2016 — Present

Providing instruction and assistance to students in introductory computer science courses. I assisted the most students per shift of all lab TAs between January and May 2017.


Facebook University for Engineers - AndroidJun 2016 — Aug 2016

Developed Recollect, a photo compilation app for automatically organizing photos by date and location into easy-to-share digital scrapbooks.

San Diego Supercomputer Center

Research InternJun 2014 — Aug 2014

Developed interfaces to integrate the AMBER molecular dynamics simulation software project with other quantum mechanics simulation packages. My code remains in production in the official AmberTools distribution.


Princeton University

B.S.E., Computer Science2015 — 2019

  • Shapiro Prize for Academic Excellence, 2016
  • GPA: 3.95


Resent(i)ment Analysis

Developer (ML and Backend)Sep 2017 — Present

HackMIT winner (Baidu's $10,000 prize for Best Paddle Hack). We use Baidu's Paddle Deep Learning framework to uncover and call attention to online harassment and its biases. I developed our Paddle-powered deep learning model for identifying comments as containing personal attacks. I also wrote backend integration code for making inferences with this model against Facebook comments and Tweets.

Princeton TigerTrade

Founding DeveloperMar 2017 — Present

Platform for Princeton University students and faculty to buy and sell goods. Developed with React/Redux on the frontend, and Go on the backend. I was the primary frontend developer.

Trumpr (More Donald)


Developed a webapp and award-winning HackPrinceton 2015 project built on Meteor and React that constructs a Markov model from a given user's Twitter timeline to generate similarly-written tweets. I was responsible chiefly for the backend code for retrieving Tweets, generating the model, and generating clean-looking output.

Multi-Colony System Optimization Algorithm

First Author2014

I developed a novel ant colony optimization algorithm for solving the traveling salesman problem that used multiple distinct "colonies" to avoid local maxima. I published a paper demonstrating my algorithm’s significant performance advantages.


Languages I'm familiar with

C++, Python, OCaml, Java, JavaScript, HTML/CSS, C, Bash, Awk

Stacks, frameworks, libraries

React, Redux, Node, Android


Google Games NYC - 1st Place Winner

• 2016

My team won the Google-sponsored coding/puzzle/trivia/word-association competition.