Some topics for potential projects can be found here.

Past undergraduate projects

  • Esther Rolf'16, Thesis, "Capturing multiparty communication: extending notions of information theory to

topology-dependent multiparty problems"

  • Michael Yitayew'16, Thesis, "Short-circuit error resilience in Boolean formulas"
  • Zhongxia (Ricky) Zhao'16, Thesis, "Non-clearing and combinatorial Walrasian equilibria"
  • Clement Lee'17, F15, "Fast polynomial factorization"
  • Blair Wang'17, F15, "Discovery of spurious statistical relationships"
  • David Durst'15, Thesis, "Beyond3D: Visualizing high-dimensional data sets"
  • James Pinkerton'15, Thesis, "Energy function arguments in finding Tower of Majority lower bounds"
  • Andra Constantinescu'14, Thesis, "Behavioral mechanism design - accounting for the

mental cost of choosing"

  • Mihai Roman'14, Thesis, "Computational complexity of pricing derivatives"
  • Leonardo Stedile'14, Thesis, "Primal-dual based weights and other kidney exchange mechanisms"
  • Valentina Barboy'15, F13, "An exploration of the accuracy and efficiency of peer grading"
  • Stefani Karp'15, S14, "Information-theoretic approaches to the Unexpected Hanging Paradox"
  • Christoph Schlom'15, S14, "Calibration testing"
  • Kevin Mantel'13, Thesis, "Election manipulation through misrepresentation of pre-election polls"
  • Gal Oshri'13, Thesis, "Contracting experts with unknown cost structures"
  • Kanika Pasricha, Thesis, "The computational hardness of pricing compound securities"
  • Ashish Gupta'13, F12, "An investigation of the usefulness of data preprocessing techniques versus algorithmic sophistication on diabetes prediction"
  • Leonardo Stedile'14, F12, "Analysis of risk in chess"
  • Xiao Tian (Elaine) Liew'14, F12, "Effect of network structure on PageRank of spam"
  • Xin Yang Yak'14, S13, "Do YouTube users upvote Better Comments? An analysis of the influence of spelling on comment ratings"
  • Michael Zhu'13, S12, "Finding overlapping communities in graphs"
  • Gal Oshri'13, S12, "Search on multiple indistinguishable items"
  • Rafael Grinberg'12, S12, "The effects of noise on cellular automata"