I am an assistant professor at the Department of Computer Science at Princeton University
My office is Computer Science Building 411 (see campus map here).

My brief bio can be found here.

I am interested in complexity theory, the theory of real computation, machine learning, algorithms, game theory, and applications of computer science in healthcare and medicine.

My e-mail address: #######@cs.princeton.edu, replacing "#######" with "mbraverm"


  • Fall 2011: COS 597D AdTopCS: Information Theory in CS.
  • Spring 2012: COS 340 Reasoning about Computation.

Papers (slightly outdated)

All papers

By topic (with some overlap)

  • Complexity theory
  • Algorithms and random structures
  • Economics, algorithmic game theory
  • Computational Biology and Medicine
  • Computability and complexity in analysis and dynamics

Selected recent papers

  • Monotonicity and Implementability
  	Itai Ashalgi, Mark Braverman, Avinatan Hassidim, Dov Monderer 		
    	Econometrica, forthcoming 	[pdf] 	
  • How to compress interactive communication
  	Boaz Barak, Mark Braverman, Xi Chen, Anup Rao 		
    	STOC'10, invited to the special issue of SICOMP 	[pdf] 	
    	Previous version 	[ECCC] 	
  • Sorting from Noisy Information
  	Mark Braverman, Elchanan Mossel
    	Submitted 	[arXiv] [bib]