Longfei Shangguan
Postdoc Research Associate, Computer Science, Princeton University

I'm a Postdoctoral Research Associate at Department of Computer Science, Princeton University, under the supervison of Prof. Kyle Jamieson. Prior to starting my postdoc, I received my Ph.D degree in 2015 at the Department of Computer Science and Engineering (CSE), The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, under the supervision of Prof.Yunhao Liu and Prof. Ke Yi.

RESEARCH: Cyber-physical systems, Ubiquitous computing, Long-range wireless communication. An important goal of my research is to build new, low-cost and deployable Cyber-physical systems to facilitate human's smarter lifestyle.

  • Enabling Gesture-based Interactions With Object
    Longfei Shangguan, Zimu Zhou, and Kyle Jamieson.  
    To appear at ACM MobiSys'17, Niagara Falls, NY, USA.

  • Leveraging Electromagnetic Polarization in a Two-Antenna Whiteboard in the Air
    Longfei Shangguan, and Kyle Jamieson.   [PAPER]    
    ACM CoNEXT'16, Irvine, CA, USA.

  • The Design and Implementation of a Mobile RFID Tag Sorting Robot
    Longfei Shangguan, and Kyle Jamieson.   [PAPER]     [VIDEO]     [TALK]    
    ACM MobiSys'16, Singapore.

  • Relative Localization of RFID Tags using Spatial-temporal Phase Profiling
    Longfei Shangguan, Zheng Yang, Alex. Liu, Zimu Zhou, and Yunhao Liu.   [PAPER]    
    USENIX NSDI'15, Oakland, CA, USA.

  • ShopMiner: Mining Customer Shopping Behavior in Physical Clothing Stores with COTS RFID Devices
    Longfei Shangguan, Zimu Zhou, Xiaolong Zheng, Yunhao Liu, Lei Yang and Jinsong Han.   [PAPER]    
    ACM SenSys'15, Seoul, South Korea.

    Please find the full list in my CV.