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Forwarding Requests to Server

Initial simulations of the scheme in which reverse proxies forward among themselves showed only moderate benefits, as the next section will explain. Therefore, we expand on this approach with an extension that makes the content server or hosting center capable of accepting forwarded requests and sending objects to clients directly. Although clients are not allowed to contact the content server directly, at least for the direction from client to content server, we can still set up a dedicated output-only link at the content server. If none of the fellow proxies has a copy, a proxy will forward the requests to the content server, which sends the response directly. The dedicated link to the rest of the Internet alleviates traffic on the backbone. This approach is depicted in Figure 5.

Figure 5: Let Server Send Directly
\psfig {figure=center.eps,height=2.5in,width=3.2in}

Limin Wang