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Free programs I've made

Free programs I use

  • cnet.com - many downloads
  • Sysid - list computer info (CPU speed, RAM type, etc.)
  • Citrus alarm clock - wake up to an mp3. Can customize time for each day.
  • Xenu - Check site for bad links
  • SSH - Secure telnet and FTP (Windows users, look for the .exe file).
  • Popup Killer - Effective (download button on the left panel).
  • winamp - mp3 player, try with shoutcast internet radio.
  • Opera - Fast web browser with nice features, try it out
  • Jcreator - Java code editor and IDE
  • Trillian - Instant messaging for AOL, MSN, etc. in one program.
  • BreezeBrowser Downloader - Downloads pictures from Canon digital cameras
  • VNC - Remotely connect and control your computer, even from a webpage


  also try digitalblasphemy  


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