Research interests
I study machine learning from an HCI perspective in order to build interactive machine learning systems that are more effective and efficient, and that allow human users to apply machine learning effectively to new problems. I’m especially interested in applying machine learning to real-time, interactive, and creative domains. Within music, I am interested in studying human-computer interaction in the process of both composition and live performance, and I seek to develop new compositional and performance technologies in collaboration with other composers and performers. I am additionally interested in developing rich interactive technologies for digital humanities scholarship.

I did a PhD at Princeton under Perry Cook in the computer science sound lab from 2006 to 2010. I completed my dissertation and defended in 2010 and was officially “doctored” in January 2011.

As part of my dissertation, I’ve created a software package called The Wekinator. This free, open-source software is built on the popular Weka framework, and it supports interactive design and application of real-time supervised learning systems. The system is tailored for musical applications such as real-time audio analysis and gestural control of live music, but it can easily be adapted to other real-time domains.

I completed a Master's  in music technology from McGill University, where I worked with Ichiro Fujinaga. My thesis was titled "An exploration of feature selection as a tool for optimizing musical genre classification." 

I received degrees in music (BA) and computer science and engineering (BS), plus a minor in women's studies, from The Ohio State University.

Professional activities
I am currently serving as the Editorial Consultant for News and Announcements at Computer Music Journal. I am a member of the International Computer Music Association, the Association for Computing Machinery, and ACM SIGCHI. I have served as a reviewer for various conferences and journals in computer music and HCI, including ICMC, ISMIR, NIME, Computer Music Journal, CHI, UIST, and others.

I have been an Assistant Director or co-Director of the Princeton Laptop Orchestra since 2008. In 2010, I joined several colleagues at Princeton in forming Sideband, a new professional laptop performance ensemble.

Recent consulting and graduate internship activities
Imagine Research
Smule is sonic media
Microsoft Research - VIBE group
Sun Microsystems - Burlington MA Research Labs

Organizations and initiatives I support
Amnesty International
Human Rights Campaign
Immigration Equality
Uniting American Families Act: so I can sponsor my wife to become a US resident
Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility

I like cheese, Canada, Java, my iPhone, strange music, traveling, spicy vegetarian food, playing the piano and flute and ukulele, and open source software. I dislike worms, ignorance, Allied Van Lines, and raw celery.

About me