Nick Feamster

Professor, Department of Computer Science
Associated Faculty, School of Public Affairs
Deputy Director, Center for Information Technology Policy
Princeton University

Sherrerd Hall Room 310
feamster -at- cs . princeton . edu
+ 1 609 258 2203 (no voicemail, please)

My research applies an empirical, data-driven approach to understand and improve network performance, security, and privacy.
I measure and study Internet phenomena. I design, develop, and deploy protocols and systems that make the Internet work better for users.

IoT Security and Privacy

The devices that we connect to the network are fundamentally insecure, and they are increasing and collecting private user data.

My research develops network-based, data-driven techniques to protect user security and privacy, with a focus on smart homes.

Censorship and Information Control

Countries around the world are increasingly developing mechanisms to control their citizens' access to information online, through a combination of protocol filtering, control of online platforms and infrastructure, and the spread of disinformation.

My research measures information control and manipulation on a large-scale and develops mechanisms to help users gain better access to information.

Access Network Performance

From web browsing to video streaming, access network performance affects user experience.

My research studies fixed and mobile broadband access network performance, and how performance bottlenecks from a user's home wireless network to ISP interconnection ultimately affect a user's quality of experience.