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About Me

Welcome to my home page. I am a CNRS researcher in the Algorithms and Complexity Group at LIAFA, focusing on complexity theory and cryptography. Prior to coming here, I obtained my Ph. D from Princeton University under the co-supervision of Boaz Barak and Avi Wigderson (IAS).

Here is my CV [PS, PDF].

On leave:I am currently on leave from the CNRS and building Gift Uncommon.



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Cryptography and Security

  • "Languages with efficient Zero Knowledge PCPs are in SZK "
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  • "Round-optimal black-box statistically binding selective-opening secure commitments"
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  • "Is privacy compatible with truthfulness?"
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  • "On the round complexity of zero-knowledge proofs from one-way permutations"
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  • "Path-quality monitoring in the presence of adversaries"
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  • "Protocols and lower bounds for failure localization in the Internet"
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Surveys and Theses

  • "Pseudo-aléa: objets et génération" (français)
    [Abs, Bib,PS, PDF]

    D. Xiao. Journées annuelles de la Société Mathématiques de France, 2011
  • "New Perspectives on the Complexity of Computational Learning, and Other Problems in Theoretical Computer Science" [Abs, Bib, PS, PDF]
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  • "The Evolution of Expander Graphs"
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    D. Xiao. AB thesis, Harvard College 2003


  • "Estimating and comparing entropy across written natural languages using PPM compression",
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    F. Behr, V. Fossum, M. Mitzenmacher, D. Xiao, Data Compression Conference 2003