Cole Schlesinger

I have joined the advanced programming tools research team at the Computer Science Innovation Center of Samsung Research America.

Until recently, I was a Ph.D. student in the Programming Languages group of the computer science department at Princeton University, advised by David Walker.

My research focus lies in applying tools and techniques from the programming languages community to modeling and analyzing software-defined networks. In particular, I'm interested in developing intermediate languages and compilation techniques for targeting different kinds of networking hardware, like Barefoot's RMT, Intel's FlexPipe, and Cisco's Doppler switches.

Abstractions for Software-defined Networks. Cole Schlesinger. Ph.D. dissertation, June 2015. [pdf, prototype]

Transparent, live migration of a software-defined network. Soudeh Ghorbani, Cole Schlesinger, Matthew Monaco, Eric Keller, Matthew Caesar, Jennifer Rexford, and David Walker. SOCC 2014. [pdf]

Concurrent NetCore: From Policies to Pipelines. Cole Schlesinger, Michael Greenberg, and David Walker. ICFP 2014. [pdf]

NetKAT: Semantic Foundations for Networks. Carolyn Jane Anderson, Nate Foster, Arjun Guha, Jean-Baptiste Jeannin, Dexter Kozen, Cole Schlesinger, and David Walker. POPL, 2014. [pdf]

The Frenetic Network Controller. The Frenetic Contributors. The OCaml Users and Developers Workshop, 2013.

Towards JavaScript Verification with the Dijkstra State Monad. Nikhil Swamy, Joel Weinberger, Cole Schlesinger, Juan Chen, and Ben Livshits. PLDI, 2013. [pdf]

Languages for Software-defined Networks. Nate Foster, Arjun Guha, Mark Reitblatt, Alec Story, Michael J. Freedman, Naga Praveen Katta, Christopher Monsanto, Joshua Reich, Jennifer Rexford, Cole Schlesinger, David Walker, and Rob Harrison. IEEE Communications Magazine, Vol. 51, No. 2. February 2013. [pdf]

Abstractions for Network Update. Mark Reitblatt, Nate Foster, Jen Rexford, Cole Schlesinger, and David Walker. SIGCOMM, August 2012. [pdf]

Splendid Isolation: A Slice Abstraction for Software-Defined Networks. Stephen Gutz, Alec Story, Cole Schlesinger, Nate Foster. HotSDN, August 2012. [pdf]

Modular Protections against Non-control Data Attacks. Cole Schlesinger, Karthik Pattabiraman, Nikhil Swamy, David Walker, and Benjamin Zorn. CSF, July 2011. [pdf | tech report]