Chirag Bharadwaj

IPA: /ʃɪɹɑːg/, like the French president

Department of Computer Science
Princeton University
35 Olden Street, Princeton, NJ 08540

CV/resume as of 2018-10-19



I am a second-year MSE candidate in computer science at Princeton University. My primary research interests are in programming languages, compiler design, formal systems, and computer architecture. Broadly speaking, I am also interested in hardware accelerator models, heterogeneous chips, and software/hardware verification.

Previously, I attended Cornell University, where I graduated in May 2017 with a B.Sc. in computer science. At Cornell, I worked on providing appropriate pedagogical tools for the lambda-calculus as part of the research project for my senior thesis. I also tinkered with NVIDIA's CUDA programming language for a different project.

Ask me about: baduk, online chess, Hearts, Avalon, badminton, figure skating, running 5Ks, piano, alternative rock, learning languages, tea, and cooking.