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Bernard Chazelle

Eugene Higgins Professor of Computer Science
Princeton University

Unlike music, scientific work does not come with liner notes. Perhaps it should. I work in Algorithms, a field believed by some to hold the promise of a scientific revolution. If you are a believer, no need to click here. My current interests are in the area of Natural Algorithms, with a dual focus on the emergence of collective behavior and the ``curse of mid-dimensionality." If you want to become an expert, there are worse ways to get started than here.


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I used to blog at A Tiny Revolution about politics and music. If you've wondered why the world has become so just, prosperous, and peaceful, that's because I've written music to lift the soul and penned essays to explain:

  • Why Obama is wrong on Iraq.
  • Why Bach rules and the NSA wishes it did.
  • Why torture should be illegal and why humor is no laughing matter.
  • Why the American left needs a new creed. See also here and here.
  • Why the American Century will end in Iraq.
  • Why the French riots were salutary and why the US media gets France all wrong.
  • Why the children in Iraq make no sound when they fall.
  • Why anti-Americanism is not what you think and why Bush was, well, you know what he was.

Apparently, my Erdős-Bacon number is 5 = 2 + 3, which will comfort those of you who find the concept an insult to civilization. But at least now you'll know why Cambridge University Press made me sign away the movie rights to my book, The Discrepancy Method. And just when you thought nothing could make you more excited, now this: my Inaugural Lecture at the Collège de France has hit the book stands!