I am a fifth year Ph.D. student in Computer Science at Princeton University. At Princeton, I work with Nick Feamster and Jennifer Rexford.

As a systems researcher, I design algorithms that address the problems that lie at the intersection of networking, security and data-science areas to build and deploy easy-to-use and scalable real-world systems.

How can networks run themselves? My thesis research tries to answer this question. More specifically, it focuses on building two components that complete the control-loop, critical for such self-driving networks:

  • Telemetry (with Sonata ), i.e., collecting and analysing the raw network data to infer various network activities of interest, such as DDoS attacks, or link failures, etc. in real-time; and
  • Control (with SDX ), i.e., applying the reactive fine-grained actions without disrupting network's default behavior, especially in multi-domain settings such as Internet, or multi-tenant data center networks.