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I am a member of the groups in Theoretical Computer Science and Theoretical Machine Learning. Specific topics that I have worked on: Computational Complexity (see my book on this topic), Probabilistically Checkable Proofs (PCPs), computing approximate solutions to NP-hard problems, geometric embedding of metric spaces, unique games conjecture, complexity of financial derivatives, provable bounds for Machine Learning. See my group website and also the blog that I contribute to.

News: In 2017-2020 I am 50/50 at Princeton University and the Institute for Advanced Study where I am leading a new program in Theoretical Machine Learning.
(Postdoc applications are welcome at both institutions; apply by Dec 1 2017).

Contact info:
Computer Science Dept,
35 Olden St
Princeton NJ 08540
609-258-3869 (but don't leave a msg; send email instead)
609-258-4562 (Ms Mitra Kelly; Admin. Assistant)
609-258-1771 (Fax)
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While on sabbatical in Spring 2013 I started a travelogue that I still maintain.