Before you email me:

Did you find a nice blue page about some obscure topic? Did you find yourself thinking, Ah-ha! I can ask her about this!?

You probably found a page in a topically-augmented clone of Wikipedia linked from my website. Your blue page was automatically generated and I am probably no more an expert on that particular topic than I am on stellar classification, the town of Ettrick, or Mickey Mouse.

That said, if you want to email me about topic models, recommendation algorithms, visualization, variational inference, or anything related to what I actually do*, please feel free to do so.

*Computer-related stuff outside my areas of interest doesn't count, since the breadth of that is immense.

Some people don't read...

the person contacting

the article they referenced

a radio reporter

Great Artesian Basin

lecturer who recently published a book


online retailer

ISO 3166

Avro Arrow enthusiast

Avro Arrow

individual looking for family trees of royalty

Duke of Nordolk

writer compiling Top Sites on 20th Century Military History

Bombing of Libya

student looking for reference

Software development process

...and many more. Will you be next?