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1 January 2009

Susan Cooper

I remember reading The Dark is Rising for school in elementary school.  I think I probably read the other books at about the same time, having ordered them through one of those Scholastic book clubs. 

I miss those book clubs.  It was so great to take those newsprint pages home, pick out books, and take the flimsy little order form to school to hand in.  It meant that pretty soon, boxes would arrive in my classroom, and when the sorting was done there would be a beautiful new pile of books with my name on it.  This was a fairly regular procedure at school.  Alas!  I'm not ten anymore. 

Books by Susan Cooper

(O=own, R=read, E=enjoyed)

  • The Boggart (O)
  • The Boggart and the Monster (Sequel to The Boggart) (O)
  • Danny and the Kings
  • The Dark is Rising (The Dark is Rising 1) (ORE)
  • Dawn of Fear
  • Frog
  • Green Boy
  • Greenwitch (The Dark is Rising 2) (ORE)
  • The Grey King (The Dark is Rising 3) (ORE)
  • King of Shadows
  • Matthew's Dragon
  • Over Sea, Under Stone (The Dark is Rising Prequel) (ORE)
  • Seaward (ORE)
  • The Selkie Girl
  • The Silver Cow: A Welsh Tale
  • Silver on the Tree (The Dark is Rising 4) (ORE)





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Site last updated: 1 January 2009