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1 January 2009

John Christopher

John Christopher is one of the pen names of Christopher Samuel Youd.  Others are Peter Nichols and Anthony Rye.  Unfortunately for his readers, doing an internet search for "John Christopher" finds people whose real name is John Christopher...

I read his Tripods trilogy in college after a friend recommended it to me.  I read the prequel afterwards, and unlike some prequels, it is worth reading.

The first two books of the Tripods trilogy were made into a TV series for the BBC.  Reviews are mixed.  Now you know at least as much as I do about it.  See links below if you're interested in learning more.

The Prince in Waiting trilogy comes in an omnibus, like this one.

Books by John Christopher

(O=own, R=read, E=enjoyed)

  • Bad Dream
  • Beyond the Burning Lands (The Prince in Waiting 2) (OR)
  • The Caves of Night
  • The City of Gold and Lead (The Tripods 2) (ORE)
  • Dom and Va (aka In the Beginning)
  • Dragon Dance (Fireball 3)
  • A Dusk of Demons (RE)
  • Empty World
  • Fireball (Fireball 1)
  • The Guardians
  • The Little People
  • The Long Winter (aka The World in Winter)
  • The Lotus Caves
  • New Found Land (Fireball 2)
  • No Blade of Grass (aka The Death of Grass)
  • Pendulum
  • Planet in Peril (aka The Year of the Comet)
  • The Pool of Fire (The Tripods 3) (ORE)
  • The Possessors
  • The Prince in Waiting (The Prince in Waiting 1) (OR)
  • The Ragged Edge (aka A Wrinkle in the Skin)
  • A Scent of White Poppies
  • Sweeney's Island (aka Cloud on Silver)
  • The Sword of the Spirits (The Prince in Waiting 3) (OR)
  • The Twenty-Second Century
  • When the Tripods Came (The Tripods Prequel) (ORE)
  • The White Voyage (aka The Long Voyage)
  • The White Mountains (The Tripods 1) (ORE)
  • Wild Jack
  • The Winter Swan




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