Analysis of reassigned spectrograms for musical transcription

Stephen W. Hainsworth, Malcolm D. Macleod, Patrick J. Wolfe

To appear at Workshop on Applications of Signal Processing to Audio and Acoustics (WASPAA01), Mohonk Mountain Resort, NY, 21-24 October 2001


The reassignment method for the short-time Fourier transform is proposed as a technique for improving the time and frequency estimates of musical audio data. Based on this representation, four classes of expected objects (sinusoid, unresolved sinusoid, transient and noise) are proposed and explained. Pattern classification methods are then used to extract objects conforming to these classes from individual frames of the reassigned spectrogram, with each frame being examined independently. Results for several simple real-world examples are presented, showing the capability of this method even without the aid of tracking from frame to frame. The main benefit of the proposed reassignment stage are that it yields an improved time frequency localisation estimate relative to standard methods, and that it produces a measure of the variance of these estimates to be used as an aid in later processing.

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