The CIPIC HRTF Database

V. Ralph Algazi, Richard O. Duda, Dennis P. Thompson and Carlos Avendano

To appear at Workshop on Applications of Signal Processing to Audio and Acoustics (WASPAA01), Mohonk Mountain Resort, NY, 21-24 October 2001


This paper describes a public-domain database of high-spatial-resolu- tion head-related transfer functions measured at the U.C.Davis CIPIC Interface Laboratory. Release 1.0 includes head-related impulse responses for 49 subjects at 25 different azimuths and 50 different elevations (1250 directions) at approximately 5 degrees angular increments. In addition, the database contains anthropometric measurements for each subject. Significant correlations are shown to exist between these measurements and temporal and spectral features of the HRTFs.

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