Structural Composition and Decomposition of HRTFs

V. Ralph Algazi, Richard O. Duda, Reed P. Morrison and Dennis P. Thompson

To appear at Workshop on Applications of Signal Processing to Audio and Acoustics (WASPAA01), Mohonk Mountain Resort, NY, 21-24 October 2001


The analysis and modeling of the response of parts of the body provides valuable insight into many features of the HRTF. In spatial sound simulations, partial models, such as the spherical head model, can also generate simple and effective approximate localization cues. In this paper, we consider the composition of an approximate HRTF from the responses of structural components by making use of detailed measurements of isolated pinnae and of a pinna-less head and torso. We determine that such a composition is sensitive to additional geometric parameters that can be obtained from anthropometry. We show that, with such parameters, simple composition rules lead to a very good correspondence of measured and composite HRTFs.

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