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Prof Mark Braverman awarded Packard Fellowship

Professor Mark Braverman was one of the recipients of the 2013 Packard Fellowship. The fellowship is awarded to the country's most innovative young scientists and engineers in the first three years of their faculty careers allowing them the flexible funding to freely conduct exploratory research and take risks in their field of study. “David Packard believed one of the best ways to make progress as a society and as a nation is to give talented people the resources they need to accomplish their work and then get out of the way to let them do it. That’s what we try to do with the Fellowships program,”said Lynn Orr, Chairman of the Packard Fellowships Advisory Panel. http://www.packard.org/about-the-foundation/news/press-releases-and-statements/2013-packard-fellowships-in-science-and-engineering-awarded-to-sixteen-researchers/
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