Computer Science 598d
Course Project Proposals

Written Proposals (due March 3):

Each student should submit a one- or two-page written project proposal.  The proposals should include enough detail to convince the reader that you've found a good problem, you understand how hard it is, you've mapped out a plan for how to attack it, and you have an idea about which experiments you might run to test the success of your implementation.  Please do not be vague in your written descriptions.  Following is a brief outline you might follow ...

Class Presentations (during class on March 10):

In addition, each student will give a short talk during class on March 10 (with overhead transparencies, slides, videos, and/or other props) to present his/her course project proposal (business plan).  In order to make these presentations more interesting, we all will be ``given'' $1M of venture capital money to invest in any of the projects.  At the end of class, the invested $$$s will be tallied, and the student(s) with the most funding will get a prize. To attract the most venture capital funding, you should be sure to convince us that: 1) you are addressing an important problem, 2) you understand various approaches to the problem, 3) you have found an interesting approach to attack the problem, 4) you have a SPECIFIC, DETAILED plan, and 5) you will know when you are done.

EACH TALK WILL BE LIMITED TO FIVE MINUTES. I will time them with a stop watch.  So, please come with a presentation that is concise and to-the-point.  You probably want to use between three and five slides.  For instance, ...

  1. Problem description (30 seconds)
  2. Approach (2 minutes)
  3. Methodology (2 minutes)
  4. Summary (30 seconds)
Gimmicks, props, ... anything you can think of to attract the investors' money is allowed.  So, be creative!