Computer Science 598d
Course Project Final Reports

Written Reports (due at noon on May 18):

Each student should submit a six- to ten-page written final report.  The written report should contain descriptions of the goals and challenges of your project.  You should include a review of previous work.  You should write detailed descriptions of the approach you've chosen, the implementation hurdles you've encountered, the features you've implemented, and any initial results you've generated.  Please do not be vague in your written descriptions.  Following is a brief outline you might follow ...

Project Poster Session (3PM on May 18 in CS 418):

Each student will give a short `poster session' describing his/her class project.  Your goal should be to demonstrate and describe for a `visitor' (me, Dobkin, etc.) in 10-15 minutes what you have done and why it is interesting.  In addition to running a live demo on one of the computers in the graphics lab (if appropriate), you should describe the guts of your project using 4-8 `slides' (like overhead transparencies, but printed on paper).  The slides should clearly present the goals, challenges, previous work, approach, implementation, and results of your project.  Starting at 3PM (and lasting until around 5PM), students and visitors will be invited to wander around the graphics lab to view the demonstrations and presentations.