COS-598A, Spring 2017, Kyle Jamieson

L3: SampleRate (Chapter 3)

Indoor Network Measurements

Difference from theory: Many intermediate delivery rates exist (Figure 3-2, middle)

Difference from theory: Does faster always mean more loss? (Figure 3-3)

How rapidly does bit rate adaptation need to adapt? (Figures 3-4, 3-5)

Can SNR predict delivery probability? (Figures 3-6, 3-7)

Classifying links' bitrate-loss relationships (Figures 3-8, 3-9)

ARF, Adaptive ARF (Chapter 4)


SampleRate (Chapter 5)

Slide: Measuring time to send a packet

Slide: SampleRate in operation

Evaluation (Chapter 6)

ARF mostly chooses correct bit rate (Figure 6-2)

Slide: 802.11a indoor throughput