[ This is the template for the index.html that you submit. ]

Your project name

project manager name, netid
team member name, netid
team member name, netid
team member name, netid
team member name, netid

The 1-paragraph elevator speech description goes here.

How to access or create a running version of your system. If your system is web-based, this should be a URL. If your system is a phone application, this could reference an installable version, or you will have to visit a session with TAs.

Provide passwords, including administrative access, if we will need them to experiment with your system. Please make this as easy for us as possible. There are 51 projects and if we have to blow 15 minutes figuring out how to run your system, that's one very long day wasted.

Who to contact in case something goes wrong.

A link to your project's web page or home page or the like: the place to find all public information about your project. This may be the same link as the "how to access a running version" page. The link on the course web page should be the same.

report.pdf. Note: PDF only!

productguide.pdf. Note: PDF only!

your demo slides, etc., if you used them. Please submit these as PDF or as a web page, not Powerpoint.

These links must point to PDF files with exactly the specified names, all lower case. They must not require logging into some place like Google Docs or GitHub. We need to have all submissions in one place and completely uniform at this level so the TAs and I can access the pieces easily. Thanks.