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COS 433: Cryptography

An introduction to modern cryptography with an emphasis on fundamental ideas. The course will survey both the basic information and complexity-theoretic concepts as well as their (often surprising and counter-intuitive) applications. Among the topics covered will be private key and public key encryption schemes, digital signatures, pseudorandom generators and functions, chosen ciphertext security; and time permitting, some advanced topics such as zero knowledge proofs, secret sharing, private information retrieval, and quantum cryptography.

Semester: Spring16
Lectures: Monday,Wednesday, 1:30-2:50
Location: Computer Science 104


Zeev Dvir
Office: Computer Science 405
Extension: 0255
Email: zdvir

Additional Information

The Undergraduate Coordinator is Colleen Kenny
Email: ckenny
Office: Computer Science 210
Extension: 1746
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