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COS 496: Special Topics In CS: Modeling the Past: Digital Tech, and Excavations in Polis Cyprus

These courses cover one or more advanced topics in computer science. The courses are offered only when there is an opportunity to present material not included in the established curriculum; the subjects vary from term to term. Complex networks arise through the analysis of complex systems in many areas of study. Well known areas include social network analysis (e.g. Facebook friends), text citation analysis (e.g. Wikipedia) and biological network analysis (e.g. protein-protein interactions). Complex networks can be distinguished from random networks and from regular networks, such as grids, which are often created by design for applications such as interconnecting computers. This course examines methods of analysis of complex networks and how this analysis can be applied to enhance our understanding of real-world systems.

Semester: Spring14
Lectures: Monday, 1:30-4:20
Location: Friend Center 203


Szymon Rusinkiewicz
Office: Computer Science 406
Extension: 7479
Email: smr
Additional Instructors: J. Smith

Additional Information

The Undergraduate Coordinator is Colleen Kenny
Email: ckenny
Office: Computer Science 210
Extension: 1746
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