COS 340
Reasoning About Computation
Spring 2014

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Homeworks.   Homeworks and solutions will be posted on Piazza. Weekly homeworks will be assigned by midnight on Saturday. They will be due electronically via dropbox by midnight the following Saturday. No late homeworks will be accepted. You must type solution to each problem in a separate file. You may use the provided LaTeX templates to type your solutions. Write your name, assignment number, problem number, names of your collaborators on each solution. Hand-written solutions will not be accepted. You will have nine homework assignments (other than the two take-home midterms). All homework problems will carry equal weight unless otherwise stated. We will drop your lowest homework score in computing your homework average. Points will be deducted for excessively verbose solutions. Some problems may specify limits on the length of your solution, and anything beyond the prescribed limits will not be graded. You may collaborate in groups of at most 3 students on the homeworks (see clarifications regarding collaboration policy below). Some problems or problem sets will be marked “no collaboration”. You are supposed to work on such problems completely on your own.

Homework Collaboration policy : You may collaborate in groups of at most three students to solve Homeworks. After discussing with your collaborators, you must type your own solutions. You must write all the names of your collaborators on your solutions. You are not allowed to discuss outside your group. You are allowed to discuss only with your group members. Taking any kind of notes (handwritten / typed) during your discussions is strictly prohibited. After you finished your discussions, you should write your own solutions in isolation. Sitting together (with your group members or other students of COS-340) and writing/typing solutions is STRICTLY PROHIBITED.

Regrading.   You should submit a regrade request in writing within two weeks of receving your graded paper. No changes will be made after two weeks.

Homework release date due date submission link
Homework 1 Feb 7 2014 Feb 15 2014 11:55pm submit
Homework 2 Feb 15 2014 Feb 22 2014 11:55pm submit
Homework 3 Feb 22 2014 Mar 1 2014 11:55pm submit
Homework 4 (midterm 1) Mar 1 2014 Mar 8 2014 11:55pm submit
Homework 5 Mar 9 2014 Mar 22 2014 11:55pm submit
Homework 6 Mar 15 2014 Mar 29 2014 11:55pm submit
Homework 7 Mar 29 2014 Apr 5 11:55pm submit
Homework 8 (midterm 2) Apr 5 2014 Apr 13 11:55pm submit
Homework 9 Apr 12 2014 Apr 20 11:55pm submit
Homework 10 Apr 19 2014 Apr 27 11:55pm submit
Homework 11 Apr 26 2014 May 5 11:55pm submit
Homework 12 (final exam) -- 36 hours from time obtained submit

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