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Computer Science 435
Information Retrieval, Discovery, and Delivery

Andrea LaPaugh

Spring 2011

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May 25: 
Solutions to the second exam are now available.

April 21: 

April 17:  now available
Take-home EXAM 2 will be DISTRIBUTED end of class Monday, April 25 and  DUE beginning of class (1:30pm) Wednesday, April 27.  The second exam will have the same format as exam 1,  and the same reference materials will be allowed.

April 12:
  Solutions to Problem Set 4 (pdf) are now available.

March 29: 
The WASS calendar for scheduling project progess reports with Professor LaPaugh is now available.  Note that Professor LaPaugh owns two WASS calendars.  Use the one entitled COS 435 Calendar.   The calendar can be found by searching under its title or owner's name "LaPaugh" or owner's NetID "aslp".  See the Project Page for details on what is required for this progress report.

March 7:
Solutions to Problem Set 3 (pdf) are now available.

March 3: 
Results and comments for Problem Set 2 (pdf) are now available.

March 1: 

No other materials are allowed.

February 21, 2011: 
Solutions to Problem Set 1 (pdf) are now available.

February 3, 2011:  
Office hours have been decided:

January 30, 2011:
  Welcome to COS 435. 

A.S. LaPaugh