COS 226 Programming Assignment Checklist: Percolation

Frequently Asked Questions (General)

What's a checklist? The assignment provides the programming assignment specification; the checklist provides clarifications, test data, and hints that might be helpful in completing the assignment.

Where can I find the course policies regarding submission, lateness, grading, and collaboration? Please read the Assignments Page.

Which Java programming environment should I use? We recommend DrJava and the command line, but feel free to use another, such as Eclipse. For instruction on installing DrJava, go to the first paragraph of Section 1.1 of Introduction to Programming in Java. You should also be comfortable using the Terminal (OS X) or Command Prompt (Windows) on your system, including using command-line arguments, reading from standard input, and redirecting standard input and output. You can review how to do this in Section 1.5 of Introduction to Programming in Java.

I never took COS126. Or I took COS126 a long time ago. What material do I need to know? (What material do I need to remember?) You should be familiar with the standard libraries in stdlib.jar already if you took COS 126. They are described in Section 1.5 and Section 2.2 of Introduction to Programming in Java. The APIs are listed here. For this assignment you will only need stdlib.jar. You can find examples that use each class here.

Why should we use the standard libraries in stdlib.jar instead of using the Java libraries directly? Many of the Java libraries for input, output, and drawing were designed for experts; as a result, they have a steep learning curve. Our libraries were designed for students like you; they are considerably easier to use.

Can I use Java libraries such as java.util.LinkedList, java.util.ArrayList, java.util.TreeMap, and java.util.HashMap? No. You should not use any Java libaries until we have implemented equivalent versions in lecture. Once we have introduced them in lecture, you are free to use either the Java library version or our equivalent.

How should I format and comment my code? Here are some recommended style guidelines. Below are some that are particularly important (and for which you will lose points if you ignore).

What's the easiest way to copy a subdirectory directory from the COS 226 ftp site to my computer?

Frequently Asked Questions (Percolation)