COS 598C / HLS 598 - Reconstructing the Thera Frescoes

Spring 2007

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Date Topic
Tue, Feb 6 Intro
Thu, Feb 8 2D scanning hardware/software
Tue, Feb 13 Frescoes and paints; making frescoes
Thu, Feb 15 General discussion; 3D scanning
Tue, Feb 20 Break home-made frescoes
Thu, Feb 22 Finish up 3D scanning
Tue, Feb 27 3D matching
Thu, Mar 1 UI / Fragment database
Tue, Mar 6 Guest lecture: The Akrotiri Wall Paintings: From Trench to Museum
Thu, Mar 8 Guest lecture: The Wall Paintings from the 'Xeste 3' Building in their Architectural Context
Tue, Mar 13 Evaluate system progress
Thu, Mar 15 Prepare for trip
Tue, Mar 20   Spring break
Thu, Mar 22   Spring break
Tue, Mar 27
Thu, Mar 29
Tue, Apr 3
Thu, Apr 5
Tue, Apr 10
Thu, Apr 12
Tue, Apr 17
Thu, Apr 19
Tue, Apr 24 Forma Urbis papers (Koller et al.); Reassembling Fractured Objects paper - Podolak, Burns
Thu, Apr 26 Pottery papers (Willis & Cooper, Cooper et al.) - Plough, Toler
Tue, May 1 Guest lecture
Thu, May 3 Papaodysseus et al. papers - Brown

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