COS 333 Projects from prior years

Mon Jan 24 16:12:45 EST 2005

Here are some sketches of previous projects in COS 333; they might be useful in giving you an idea of the range of ideas that have been explored and some people to talk to. My notes are too fragmentary to give a lot of detail, especially for earlier years, and many of the protagonists have safely escaped, but I will be glad to try to recall more if something seems worth pursuring further. It's a great collection of interesting and fun projects.


"WeShare", Silver, Antonides, Tsang, Saar, Chatwani. Web service for sharing DVDs and VHS tapes.

"ADMADM", Miller, Patterson, Daly. Management and searching of array data for genomics experiments.

"Pguide", Batcheller, Elson, Huang, Lee. Guide to upcoming events on campus, and personal notification system.

"Etude", Lillethun, Battaglia, Bradley, Fruchter. A system for searching for and identifying music by Parson's codes.

"ULink", Li, Kumagai, DeLoache, Lee. A local and independently invented version of Friendster and/or theFacebook.

"Poker", Bogenschneider, Cheng, Kin. An online poker game system: chat for poker.

"Princeton Portal", Niemasik, Kaplan, Ranjan. A portal system for undergrads; this is now available as

"PowerPLANT", Hazan, Drummond, Ten-Pow, Zankel. System for creating Java applications as plugins.

"FAdMan", Simmons, Landwehr, Salazar. Management of advertising for the Prince.

"Ranganatron", Abshere, Coenen, Costow. Multi-faceted system for managing photographs, and other data bases.

"Robowars", Prisament, Elias, Epstein, Borza. System/framework for building robot games.

"INA Visualizer", Butler, Diamond, O'Callaghan. Visualization of international trade flow data.

"PIMP", Weishuhn, Okome, Weyerhauser, Taylor. DVD and VHS rental and commentary system.


"My Princeton", Amin, Atahuene. Web service to provide easy and adaptable interface to activities and information at Princeton -- news sources, campus events, etc.

"BookSearch", Liu, Orrechia, Oh. Finding best prices on books, by scraping Amazon et al and from some used-book outlets.

"Recipe Buddy", Bavor, Jennings, Levinson. Mac-based system for managing recipes, including local and Internet.

"Binary Independence", Gill, Labatt, Parker. A system for uploading photographs for potential sale; thumbnails, searching, and a watermarking scheme to protect larger images.

"Survey Creator", Hebden, Foulagdar-Mercer, Simbi. Web-based survey creation program: enter questions, formats, etc., and it generates a survey to be taken on the web.

"Gift-o-Matic", Nathan, Arellano, Slass. System for creating wish-lists on the web for others to commit to making gifts, loosely like bridal registry services.

"Option Manager", Belli, Wang, Durrleman. Option pricing, based on online historical data from the web.

"Y'All Messenger", Azad, Weiss, Dolgov. A cross between chat and instant email, for keeping track of who plans to do what in the amazingly active undergrad social life.

"Campus Newspaper Delivery Agency", Schreer, Stroustrup, Wible, Yehuda. Web-based system for managing the student-run campus newspaper delivery service: subscriptions, billing, delivery schedules and personnel, etc.

"PUGWeb", Georges, Teising, Beyer, Carnevale. Interface for pluggable games, primarily two-person strategy like Kalah.

"Meal Checker", Parparita, Seng, Subramanian. Web-based system for reconciling guest meal charges at the clubs, replacing an unbelievably Byzantine manual system.

"Ebay Estimated", Wei, Tonkyn, Melahn, Prevost. Estimating ranges of prices for categories by scraping Ebay historical listings.

"Map Maker", Peterson, Reyzin, Brooks, Friedman. Interactive creation and manipulation of structured graphical data.

"AudioCAT", Melo, Ventimiglia. Web-based search interface to the library's music catalog.


Estimating prices of derivatives for weather-based securities

"Smarter Tiger", a Princeton-based takeoff on "smarter child": a chat system for finding info about Princeton events, weather, etc., etc.

Purchase order system for managing flow of information through the University's labrynth of purchasing systems.

Two (count 'em) web-based calendar systems.

Creating instructional material like tests, complete with randomized questions, and keeping records; intended for school teachers.

Online course scheduler.

Interface to mantle convection programs from GEO.

XML editor, for creating and managing XML documents and schema.


Mail list archiver

Web-based note-takes and manager

GDB interface

Campus video web service

Web-based personal finance managment

Web-based flashcard system



The project was to build an integrated development environment for the language of one's choice. A big class, with 24 groups, and everything from C and C++ to robot software and Palm Pilots.