COS 226: Algorithms and Data Structures

Midterm Exam Information

Spring 2005

Here are solutions from this semester's exam.

Date.  The midterm will be held in class on Wednesday, March 23.

What to bring.  The exam will be closed book.  However, you may bring a one-page "cheat sheet" consisting of a single, ordinary 8.5"x11" blank sheet of paper with whatever notes you wish written upon it.  You may write on both the front and the back.  However, it must be handwritten (not computer generated or photocopied) in your own handwriting.

You may not use the text book, your notes, a computer, calculator or any other materials during the exam.

Previous year exams.  Some exams from previous years are available here.

What will be covered.  The exam will cover all material up to and including radix sort.  In principle, anything covered in lecture or in the required readings is "fair game" for the exams.  However, realistically, you can expect that the emphasis will be placed on those same topics that were emphasized in lecture and on the homeworks.

Good luck!