Assignment 7:  Control-flow Graphs

The goal of this assignment is to implement the first phase of many common optimizations:  construction of a control-flow graph from a low-level program representation (assembly language).

1) create a new directory called as7

2) cp /u/cs320/chap7/* as7

3) Untar CM.tar (tar xvf CM.tar)

4) Acquaint yourself with the source code provided to you.

5) Implement the function instrs2graph in makegraph.sml. This function is called to generate a flowgraph for a list of assembly instructions.

You have a helper function in the MakeGraph structure called debugMakegraph. This prints a list of assembly instructions and a flowgraph.

6) Submit your makegraph.sml and a README as usual.

Last updated: February 04, 2003.