Reconstruction of Parametric Surfaces from 3D Data

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Table of contents

Reconstruction of Parametric Surfaces from 3D Data

Outline of this talk

Krishnamurthy and Levoy, SIGGRAPH 1996

Original model

New representation

Surface fitting pipeline

Boundary curve painting

Example of boundary curve painting

Fitting B-spline patches

Criteria for a good gridding

The gridding algorithm

Good things about the gridding algorithm

Example of the gridding algorithm

Rendering of patches with displacement map

Continuity across patch boundaries


Eck and Hoppe, SIGGRAPH 96

Main difficulties

Overview of method

1) Find an initial parametrization

2) Reparametrize over domain KÇ

Harmonic map

Reparametrize points

3) Reparametrize over domain K%

Graph optimization

Reparametrize points

4) B-spline fitting

Peters fitting scheme

5) Adaptively refine the surface

Reconstruction results

Reconstruction results

Approximation results


Comparison between approaches

Analysis and comparison of 3D objects

Author: Wagner Correa



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