CS598b Assignment 2: 3D Reconstruction
Due March 21, 2000

The objective of this assignment is to reconstruct a higher-level 3D representation from raw acquired data.  You should:
  1. Choose a commonly available "raw" 3D data type (e.g., point cloud, range images, triangle mesh, polygon soup, voxels, etc.),
  2. Choose a "high-level" 3D object representation (e.g., surfaces, skeletons, CSG, etc.), and
  3. Implement a program that automatically reconstructs the high-level representation from the acquired data type.
You can be as ambitious as you want.  Simple projects will involve implementing well-known "conversion utilities" (e.g., marching cubes), medium-level projects may involve fitting parameters of user-specified models, and hard projects will involve deriving structure from unstructured data.

By midnight on March 21, please email me a written description, concisely describing the goal of your project, your approach, issues encountered, and evaluation of your results.  Include pictures and references.  Also, we'll discuss the projects in class on Thursday 3/23 and Tuesday 3/28.  Each student will make a 15 minute presentation describing his/her project.  So, please prepare a short talk so that you can present your work to the class.

CS598B, CS Department, Princeton University