CS598b Assignment 1: Gather 3D Data

The objective of this assignment is to gather 3D models from the World Wide Web so that we have interesting data sets to analyze for our course projects.

Specifically, each student should find and download as many 3D models as possible representing solid objects (not scientific or abstract data). Please coordinate with Patrick so that we retrieve at least 10 examples from each of the following categories:

For each link that you add to a list below, add some comments similar to the ones you already see.

The models can be in any file format. However, we will need either parsers or conversion utilities for each format so that we can write programs that read every data set as input. Currently, we have parsers for several polygon-based formats (e.g., VRML) and a few image-based formats (e.g., PPM). So if you find interesting data of other types (e.g., range images), you also should find or write a parser/converter for it.

Modifying this file


If an entry shows a directory, then that means some/most models of that site have been downloaded into that directory.

Miscellaneous utilities

Conversion Utilities

We will probably need converters between different file formats of the same representation (for example, AutoCad to VRML), and between different representations.

between file formats of the same representation:
between different representations:

Format Specifications

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