Computer Science 226
Algorithms and Data Structures
Spring 2014

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There is one set of exercises associated with each lecture (so you will typically have two sets of exercises to complete per week). A set of exercises consists of two or three drill questions, designed to ensure that you understand the basics. The exercises are available via Blackboard. All readings refer to Algorithms, 4th edition by R. Sedgewick and K. Wayne unless otherwise specified.

1 2/9 Union Find 1.5
2 2/9 Analysis of Algorithms 1.4
3 2/16 Stacks and Queues 1.3
4 2/16 Elementary Sorts 2.1
5 2/23 Mergesort 2.2
6 2/23 Quicksort 2.3
7 3/2 Priority Queues 2.4
8 3/2 Binary Search Trees 3.2
9 3/9 Balanced Search Trees 3.3
10 3/9 Hash Tables 3.4
11 do not turn in Geometric Applications of BSTs
12 3/30 Undirected Graphs 4.1
13 3/30 Directed Graphs 4.2
14 4/6 Minimum Spanning Trees 4.3
15 4/6 Shortest Paths 4.4
16 4/13 Maxflow 886–902
17 4/13 String Sorts 5.1
18 4/20 Tries 5.2
19 4/20 Data Compression 5.5
20 4/27 Substring Search 5.3
21 4/27 Regular Expressions 5.4
22 do not turn in Reductions/Intractability 903–921

Submission policy.  You will submit exercises electronically in Blackboard. Be sure to format your answers exactly as specified (e.g., separate entries by a single space and no leading or trailing whitespace). Due to a Blackboard quirk, if you do not complete your submission within 5 hours of starting, then Blackboard will submit your current work automatically.

Lateness policy. Blackboard exercises are due at 11pm on the date specified. There is a 59-minute grace period. Late exercises will be accepted only with the recommendation of a Dean or a letter from McCosh Health Center.

Grading policy. You may attempt each set of exercises up to 10 times. We will record your best score. On each attempt, you will receive different (but related) questions. After each attempt, you will receive correct answers and explanations. When calculating your course grade, we will drop your lowest two exercise scores.

Collaboration policy. You must complete the specific exercise questions (that are randomly assigned to you in Blackboard) entirely on your own, with no outside help (other than the course materials). However, you are permitted to discuss specific exercise questions after you have submitted them (and you are permitted to attempt the set of exercises again). If you wish to do so on Piazza, please post the entire question, answer, and explanation, including the seed (which the course staff can use to uniquely identify the question).