COS 598A - 3D Capture and Fabrication

Spring 2013

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Date Topic Readings
Mon, Feb 4 3D Scanning pipeline Rushmeier98, Levoy00, Miyazaki00
Wed, Feb 6 Talk: Alex Golovinskiy  
Mon, Feb 11 Photometric and multi-view stereo Goldman05, Nayar06, Furukawa10
Wed, Feb 13 Classic surface reconstruction approaches Curless96, Alexa01, Kazhdan06 (Slides)
Mon, Feb 18 Advances in surface reconstruction Avron10, Fuhrmann11, Kazhdan13
Wed, Feb 20 Performance capture Vlasic09, Wu12 (video), Wu13 (video)
Mon, Feb 25 Performance capture: faces Fyffe11, Wu12b, Graham13 (video)
Wed, Feb 27 Performance capture: reconstructing nonrigid shape and motion Wand08, Li09, Li09b
Mon, Mar 4 Performance capture: reconstructing nonrigid shape and motion Chang11, Tevs11, Li12
Wed, Mar 6 Capturing difficult objects Wang09, Li11, Li12
Mon, Mar 11 Capturing difficult objects: hair Paris08, Jakob09, Beeler12
Wed, Mar 13 Interesting devices and methods Atcheson08, Johnson11, Herrera12
Mon, Mar 18 No class - spring break  
Wed, Mar 20 No class - spring break  
Mon, Mar 25 Intro to 3D printing; bas relief Weyrich07
Wed, Mar 27 Routing and slicing Rivers12, Hildebrand12, Schwartzburg13  
Mon, Apr 1 3D object decomposition Xin11, Luo12, Stava12
Wed, Apr 3 Articulated objects Baecher12, Cali12, Zhu12
Mon, Apr 8 Popups and deformation Li11, Bickel10, Bickel12
Wed, Apr 10 Soft objects Mori07, Umetani11, Igarashi12
Mon, Apr 15 BRDF and BSSRDF fabrication Weyrich09, Matusik09, Hasan10,
Wed, Apr 17 HDR and scattering Hullin11 Dong12, Dong10
Mon, Apr 22 Manipulating light Fuchs08, Mitra09, Bermano12
Wed, Apr 24 Manipulating light Papas11, Papas12, Yue12
Mon, Apr 29 Manipulating light with layering Malzbender12, Holroyd11, Baran12
Wed, May 1 Layered displays Wetzstein11, Lanman11, Ranieri12

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