COS 226 Midterm Information, Spring 2010

The Spring 2010 COS 226 midterm is Monday, March 8, from 11-12:20pm. (same time as lecture). People in Thursday precepts (P01/P01A/P03) report to CS 104 (lecture room); people in Friday precepts (P02/P02A) report to Friend 006.


Material covered:

Q&A Session

Sunday, March 7, 7-9PM in Friend 006.

List of algorithms and data structures covered so far:

quick-find weighted quick-union path compression stacks queues
insertion sort selection sort shellsort mergesort bottom-up mergesort
quicksort 3-way quicksort heapsort binary heaps binary search
BSTs 2-3 trees left-leaning red-black trees separate chaining linear probing

A good way to practice for the midterm is to solve problems from old exams.